10 Unique Christmas Candle Decor Ideas

Do you like candles? The holiday season is the perfect occasion to decorate your interior or exterior with pretty candles.Candles decoration creates a new atmosphere of warmth and conviviality. Their delicate aesthetic makes them suitable for every style of interior design. If you are looking for ideas on how to incorporate them into your interior and exterior design, then our article is perfect for you. We invite you to discover our selection of 10 candle ideas to make your home decoration different.

The making of candles has a long history dating back to the old times. The candle decoration is aesthetic.It’s not difficult  to make your own candles and candle holders. Here is a idea which can be easy to achieve.You can decorate your candles with cinnamon sticks and create aromatic candles. When the cinnamon sticks are warmed by the candle, they give off their sweet aroma.

If you want to create a very romantic atmosphere? Here is a decorating idea that you can make at home quickly and at a small price.These large glass jars were turned into candle holders. Then they were decorating with glittery sequins and  salt for a “snowflakes” effect.

It is a simple decoration,but very elegant. Fill a glass or a cylindrical vase with water,and place a few small twigs in the bottom and with floating candles.This decorative object will perfectly complement for your home in this winter holiday.

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